Personal information 

First name/ Surname:     Ioan Florea HĂNŢILĂ

Address:                       Str. Ritmului Nr. 2 Bl. 439 Sc 4,Ap. 18, Bucharest,021667, Romania

Telephone/Fax:              +40214029144;             


Nationality                    Romanian

Date of birth                 14.01.1945                                Gender                         Male

Work experience       

1996-present: Head of Electrical Engineering Department, POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest(PUB);

1992-1996: Vice-dean of Electrical Engineering Faculty, PUB;

1993-present: PhD Professor Electrical Engineering Faculty, PUB;

1990-1996: Lecturer, Electrical Engineering Faculty, PUB;

1976-1990: Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Faculty, PUB;

1973-1976: Teaching Assistant, Electrical Engineering Department, Automation Faculty, PUB;

1970-1973: PhD student, Electrical Machines, Electrical Engineering Faculty, PUB;

1967-1970: Stagier Engineer and Scientific Researcher at Electrical Engineering Research and Development (ICPE SA).

Scientific Titles          

2006: Correspondent Member of the Romanian Technical Academy;

1976: PhD Engineer Degree in Electrical Engineering, PUB;

1967: Electrical Engineer – Bachelor Degree, PUB.

Didactic activity: courses, seminars, laboratories, supervision of diploma projects, PhDs (14), co-author for 6 published courses and manuals.

Technical activity: design of a new unitary series of high and medium power asynchronous engines; elaboration of methods and installations necessary for electrical machines testing in special regimes; design of disc rotor machines; co-author for 6 granted patents.

Scientific activity: 282 studies: 93 articles, from which 23 ISI indexed and 31 in Revue Roum. Sci. Techn. – Ser. Electrotechnique et Energ.; 169 papers presented at international conferences; 16 books (6 manuals and 10 monographs); 4 granted patents; over 102 citations (excluding auto-citations) mentioned in data base.

Research contracts: 85 reports for research contracts.

Member in scientific organizations

Correspondent member of Romanian Technical Science Academy; President of the Romanian Association of Electrical Engineering Engineers; IEEE Member; Member of Romanian Society of Magnetic Materials; Member of National association of micro-electrical machines builders

Member of steering committee for international conferences

Organizing committee: RJJSAEM’96, Sept. 24-26, 1996, Neptun, Romania; IWSSIP 2001, June 7-9, 2001; ECCSC'08, July 10- 11, 2008;

Scientific committees: RJJSAEM’98, 16-18 nov., 1998, Kiryu, Japan; COMPUMAG'99, Oct.25-28, 1999, Sapporo, Japan; OPTIM 2000, 11-12 may, 2000, Brasov, Romania; COMPUMAG'03, Saratoga Springs, NY, USA, July 13-17, 2003; JAPMED’03, Athena, May 19-21, 2003; ISEM’03, May, 12-14 2003, Versailles, France; CEFC 2004, June 6-9, 2004, Seoul, Korea; ISEM'05, September 12-14, Bad Gastein, Austria, 2005; JAPMED’05, September 17-20, 2005, Cairo, Egypt; CEFC 2006, April 30 - May 3, 2006, Miami, Florida, USA; ICEM 2006, September 2-5, 2006, Chania, Crete Island, Greece; JAPMED’07, September 16-19, 2007, Larnaca, Cyprus; ISEM'07, 9-12 September, Michigan State University, MI USA; COMPUMAG'07, Aachen, Germany, 24-28, 2007; CEFC 2008, May, 11-15, 2008, Athens, Greece, OPTIM’08, May, 19-23, 2008, Brasov, Romania.

Member of steering committee for national conferences

Organizing committee: 5 national conferences; Chairman: 5 national conferences; Scientific committee: 10 national conferences; Co-chairman: 2 national conferences

Reviewer: IEEE Transaction on Magnetics; Revue Roumaine des Sciences Techniques, Série Électrotechnique et Énergétique; Annals of Oradea University, Electrical Engineering Fascicle, 1998.

International cooperation:

1992: 3 month at Casino and Napoli Universities in 1992; 1993, 1994: 2 months at Technical University Athens; 1994: 2 months at Tokyo University Japan; 2000, 2005, : 2 months Manitoba University, Canada.

Managerial competence: During the last year, I was the project manager of the following research contracts:

1. “Ferromagnetic shielding for electromagnetic field”, GR 49/2008, CNCSIS code 52, work 25, (1330000RON);

2. “Controlled solidification structure by electromagnetic fields (SOLID)”, CEEX 300/2006, (1490000RON). Partners: SC ICPE SA, Oradea University, Valahia University Targoviste;   

3. “Electromagnetic procedures for flaw shape reconstruction (MAGNED)”, CEEX 79/2005, (1395000RON). Partners: SC ICPE SA, Valahia University Targoviste, Technical University “Gh. Asachi” Iasi

4. “Localisation and evaluation of the breast tumour dimension by solving the inverse problem of thermal fields (INVTERM)”, CEEX 125/2006, (1755000RON); Partners: SC ICPE SA, Technical University “Gh. Asachi” Iasi Bucuresti, Titu Maiorescu University, Thermography  Romanian Society, S_IND;

5. “New methods for circuit analysis in time and frequency domain”, Ideas Program, CNCSIS 2009, (990000RON).

Main results:

1. elaboration of a new method for electromagnetic field computation in nonlinear media, knows as: Polarization Method or Fixed Point Method. This new method is, beside Newton-Raphson Method, one of the most important method used for electromagnetic field computation in nonlinear media and it represents the scientific proposal of this project. Today, many researchers prefer the polarization method, due to its clear advantages as compared to the Newton-Raphson Method.

2. a new method for dynamic overrelaxation Picard-Banach iterative procedures; is successfully applied for Polarization Method.

3. a new method for nonlinear resistive circuits computation knows as Equivalent Sources Method; it has the advantages of topological separation in the constitutive relations u-i of the circuit elements.

4. a new method for quasi-stationary 3-D magnetic field with nonlinear media and moving bodies; it uses the eddy current integral equation, the polarization method, the topological calibration condition and the active unknowns associated to the edge elements for cords.

5. elaboration of a new procedure, for the first time, which permits the error evaluation with respect to the exact solution, when the magnetic filed is numerically computed in nonlinear media

6. elaboration of a new procedure, for the first time, permits the electromagnetic field computation of the filed effect circuit elements.

7. formulation and demonstration, for the first time, of the stability and existence theorems for the electromagnetic field in nonlinear media.

8. a new method for edge elements, for integral equation of the magnetic vector A computation; it is used a special form of integral equation, where there are introduced edge elements on the boundary.

9. a new semi-determinsitic method, for flaw shape reconstruction in nondestructive testing, in leakage field, which increases in a spectacular manner the computation speed.

10. electromagnetic field problem computation in periodic regime, in nonlinear media; in comparison to the procedures used nowadays, the new methos has a sure convergence and the less computational effort.

11. a new analysis method for nonlinear circuits in periodic regime

12. a new method for multiply-connected shields for current sheet computation

13. thermographic detection of dimensions and positions of breast tumours

Other information

Prizes: The 3rd prize International Mathematics Olympiad, Praque, 1962; The Romanian Academy Prize 1994; AGIR Prize 1996; Diploma “PRO-RELANSIN”, awarded by AMCSIT 2002 for the quality of the scientific and technical researches presented at “PRO-RELANSIN” Exhibition 2002; “The high recommended paper” Prize of COMPEL Journal 2004.

Computer skills and competences:

Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); Fortran programming; FEMM, Maple 12; Matlab, Flux; 2D/3D/Cedrat; HFSS 3D Full-Wave Electromagnetic Field Simulation/ANSOFT; Opera 2D/3D-Vector Fields, CST MICROWAVE STUDIO; COMSOL Multipsysics, ANSYS Multipsysics.

Driving licence: B.

Foreign languages:     English, German.

Social skills and competences: Team spirit, very good communication capacity.